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Disgruntled Tech | December 15, 2017

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Android OS on it's way to Smart-watches; Android Wear - Disgruntled Tech

Android  OS on it’s way to Smart-watches; Android Wear

| On 25, Mar 2014

At this day and age, we all have a smartphone within arms length to us. I mean who wouldn’t? We get everything we need from news updates to weather, plus we stay connected to friends and family with the touch of a button. Now that Smart-watches  are becoming more popular, we are even more integrated with our phones. We can get everything from notifications to phone calls at the convenience a glance at a watch.  The only problem we’ve seen with Smart-watches is that they are slightly awkward with how they work; Google is here to remedy that. Having the one of the biggest operating systems on the mobile market, it comes has no shock that they are taking that to the Smart-watches. That’s correct, Android OS is coming to smart-watches and they are calling it Android Wear.

Android Wear: What to expect

  • Information and Notifications

That’s right, Android Wear is going to do what Smart-watches were designed to do; show you all your everything you need to know, when you want. Android Wear can display anything from text message notifications to weather apps. With it’s wide range of apps on the Google Play store, you can display just about anything you want on Android Wear.

  • Voice Control

Voice commands are becoming a necessity on all smartphones; we use it all the time to multitask and make life easy. All Android phones you’ll have some kind of Google voice command, well with Android Wear you’ll have it right on your wrist. To search anything you need to know on the fly, you simply utter the words “Ok Google” and you can do anything from calling a taxi to searching the internet.

  • Fitness and Health

Android wear will also combine with your fitness devices to help you monitor your exercise goals. With all the apps on the Play store you can monitor speed real time, steps, distances, or even times. All this information easily accessible from your smartphone.


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