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Disgruntled Tech | December 15, 2017

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"DON'T TASE ME DRONE!" - Disgruntled Tech


| On 10, Mar 2014

With the new technology today and with companies like Amazon utilizing drones to complete their work, it is not a surprise that other companies would follow suit.

Thanks to engineers at a company called Chaotic Moon, some police forces around the world will possibly be adding a few new members to their team. The Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone or CUPID for short, is the newest cadet on the block. It may not issue you a speeding ticket but if you try to run from it, it will come for you packing an 80,000 volt punch.

To give you an idea of how much pain it would cause you, think of this: a police issue stun gun is set on average to 50,000 volts, and we have all seen the effects of those guns on Youtube and COPS.

The company proposes to introduce this new tool to police departments around the world to assist with detaining perps who try to evade officers.

‘We thought a lot about this,’ explained the co-founder of Chaotic Moon, William Hurley in an interview with The Verge, ‘Perhaps there’s a raid on a house and somebody runs. Why send somebody with a gun chasing him down the alley? The drone could just go and detain them and then you could just go and pick them up.’

To prove the impact of a touch of CUPID, the guys at Chaotic Moon convinced an intern to volunteer to take the hit of more than just CUPID’s arrow. More details and footage of CUPID vs Intern can be seen in the video below.

Maybe this will make people think twice before decided to run from their local men in blue.

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