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Disgruntled Tech | December 15, 2017

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Is Linux Going to Replace Windows XP? - Disgruntled Tech

Is Linux Going to Replace Windows XP?

| On 04, Apr 2014

Will Linux Replace Windows XP after their end of support date?

End of support on Windows XP is approaching fast. Though we are only 4 days away from the end date (April 8, 2014), latest reports from Net Market Share show that XP still holds a large chunk of users at almost 28% of people who browse the internet proving that this 13 year old operating system still has its faithful users. Faithful or not, some users may be forced into looking for an alternative. Many businesses, corporations and government offices are still using XP on thousands of their computers in multiple offices.

The Indian State, Tamil Nadu, is one of them and has found a solution. They have decided to fix their XP situation by migrating their current XP machines that they have in 37 departments, 125 municipalities and 1,127 revenue collection areas to a Linux operating system. More specifically, BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions).

In a letter from the State’s IT Department, they recommended the migration while pointing out that the cost of support for BOSS would be substantially cheaper than contracting with a major software company, free to be exact.

Although this is only just one state, their influence throughout India will most likely have the other states following right behind them.

On a more personal consumer level, migrating to XP may also be a great solution. With the advances Linux operating systems have seen, they have become more and more user friendly. Some flavors of Linux, like the most popular, Ubuntu, require little to no code knowledge. Most Linux operating systems require minimal system resources allowing you to install it and run smoothly on an older machine with low specs. Although you may not be able to use Microsoft Office or other major software titles, there are hundreds of titles comparable to their big brand versions. Instead of using Microsoft Office you can download Open Office or Libre Office at not cost.

Most Linux organizations such as Fedora are already creating conversion packages that will make a version of their OS that has the same look and feel of WIndows XP.

Now the only question left is, which Linux flavor will you pick?

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