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Disgruntled Tech | December 15, 2017

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Microsoft makes an exception for the Windows XP End of Support - Disgruntled Tech

Microsoft makes an exception for the Windows XP End of Support

| On 07, May 2014

Microsoft representative, Adrienne Hall, announced on Microsoft’s Official Blog on May 1st, that Microsoft will make a one time exception for support on Windows XP since they announced the end of support that took effect on April 8th.

With the recently discovered Internet Explorer vulnerability, many Windows users are at high risk. The update was released on May 1st for all versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. Chances are, you have already received the security patch if you have your settings set to automatically update Windows. If not, you can get it by clicking “Check for Updates” in your system’s Control Panel.

Hall announced that even though Windows XP is no longer supported, Microsoft has decided to provide the update for all versions of Windows including XP.

One of the things that drove much of this coverage was that it coincided with the end of support for Windows XP.  Of course we’re proud that so many people loved Windows XP, but the reality is that the threats we face today from a security standpoint have really outpaced the ability to protect those customers using an operating system that dates back over a decade.  This is why we’ve been encouraging Windows XP customers to upgrade to a modern, more secure operating system like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Although Microsoft has patched the security flaw for Windows XP, she urges users to continue to look into upgrading their operating systems.

Just because this update is out now doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about getting off Windows XP and moving to a newer version of Windows and the latest version of Internet Explorer.  If you are on Windows 7, upgrade to Internet Explorer 11.  Our modern operating systems provide more safety and security than ever before.

Users are encouraged to upgrade to later versions such as Windows 7 and 8.1 to keep themselves protected from future attacks and to always make sure your system has the latest Windows Updates.

If you would like more information on how to make sure your computer is up to date and set to automatically install updates, check out our forums.

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