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Disgruntled Tech | December 15, 2017

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Oculus announces Rift Development Kit 2 - Disgruntled Tech

Oculus announces Rift Development Kit 2

| On 19, Mar 2014

The VR headset that has everyone ranting and raving over it’s original dev-kit is finally upping to the next version; Dev-Kit 2. The original Oculus Rift DK is a phenomenal piece of ground breaking technology but had it struggled with it’s extremely low res LED screen. The LED screen in the first Dev-Kit gave off a screen door effect due to the screen being so close to your eyes, you could see the spacing between pixels. However the Oculus Dev-Kit 2 is using a much higher resolution screen; a 1080p Oled panel.

The new Dev-Kit is model after a upgraded version of Crystal Cove, which Oculus used to steal the show at CES.  The new high resolution Oled panel screen basically eliminates the screen door effect and the motion smearing that was very common in the first Dev-Kit’s 720p screen. Not only will you be drawn in by the high resolution screen, the new  Dev-Kit is also going to have the camera to track your geographic positioning. Basically the camera tracks IR sensors located on the Oculus to track if you lean forward, backwards, or side to side giving the user way more immersion

With all the extreme upgrades, you’d think the price would be much higher than the original Dev-Kit but it’s comes in around $350 which is only a $50 price bump. Oculus is currently taking pre-orders for the Dev-Kit 2 but they won’t ship out sometime in July.

Palmer Luckey and the team over at Oculus haven’t set a release date for the much anticipated Consumer Version or what kind of specs it will have but they simply said will be leaps ahead of the second development kit. We’ve had our hands on the Dev-Kit 1 and are going to attempt to pick up a Dev-Kit 2 and let you know our opinions! With the Dev-Kit 2 looking like a finish product, we can’t wait to see the Consumer Version.


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