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Disgruntled Tech | December 15, 2017

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Razer making mechanical switches for Gamers

Razer is attempting to redesign mechanical keyboards

| On 07, Mar 2014

It’s no surprise Razer is looking to redesign the mechanical keyboard, but we weren’t expecting them to recreate the mechanical switch completely. Razer feels that the current mechanical switches are built for primarily typing and they now want to create a switch built for gaming.

A mechanical switch built and optimized around gaming, Razer’s brand new switch will give gamer’s speed and responsiveness that is crucial to getting a victory in whatever game they’re playing. The switches require half the travel distances which gives you speed that you need and always to to double or triple tap with ease.

Razer is building two variants of these switch the first being a the Razer Green Switch is their traditional style switch requiring around 50g to actuate but requires less time to reset. This is made to be quick, tactile, and clicky.

The second variant which is the Razer Orange Switch is meant to be silent and responsive. This switch will carry very similar specs to their Green Switch but this one is made to be quieter and a little less tactile. Despite the difference this will have almost identical reset times as the Green Switch and requires only 45g to actuate.

Razer is claiming their new mass produced switches will be featured in all their BlackWidow products and is suppose to give the keys atleast 40 million keystrokes more on the Green and 10 million on the Orange. This means your keyboards will have a longer life span.

Think Razer is smart to redesign the mechanical keyboard? Or will you be skeptical to get something that is not running proven switches? Join the discussion!

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