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Disgruntled Tech | December 15, 2017

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Terms of Service - Disgruntled Tech

Terms Of Use / Legal Disclaimer

When using our service, the Disgruntled Tech agrees to provide you with information and other computer services that are subject to these Terms of Use. As a newly formed technology news site on the internet, being that things are constantly changing so will the Terms of use however continuing to visit, post, or interact with the website after the change commits you to the fact that you’ve accepted the Terms of Use after the modification. Any continued use means you accept the following Terms of Use; any breach in the Terms of Use/ Terms of Service could result in termination of service depending on the breach.

In the following sections listed below Terms of Use could also be known as Terms of Service depending on the situation; however the fact that these terms are interchangeable won’t modify the meaning or mark any of information invalid.

You are allowed to hypertext link to the Disgruntled Tech so long that you don’t claim or put out the implication to be a sponsorship or staff member of the Disgruntled Tech. Anyone has permission to only link the Disgruntled Tech’s articles on another site; however you may not directly plagiarise any content of the site, or include any intellectual property of the Disgruntled Tech into another site without prior written consent from the Disgruntled Tech.


Licensing content or other Intellectual property to/for the Disgruntled Tech

If you are to submit content or Intellectual property for us to use on our site, you are than taking claim that you are the owner of said property/content, or you’ve received direct consent from the author/creator of said property to allow you to use this content on our site. Content could range from anything from articles, files(images, videos, or music), or any material that you/we may display on our site.

By submitting/uploading the content/material to the Disgruntled Tech, you are granting us a royalty-free, non-restrictive, world wide license to use, copy, and post in any going the Disgruntled Tech needs regarding the material

The permissions granted to the Disgruntled Tech will provide us with legal protection if you decide to copyright, trademark, patent, or anything that restricts us from using said content you originally granted the Disgruntled Tech free use of for our service.

Liability Terms

The Disgruntled Tech and/or affiliates of the Disgruntled Tech are not held liable for any actions or results of therefore actions that you perform in regards to a tutorial or article read on the Disgruntled Tech site. All direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damage to a device or property are the sole responsibility of the owner of said item and the Disgruntled Tech can’t be accountable for the damages that result from any actions the said owner has taken. All articles and tutorials on the Disgruntled Tech have a risk depending on the topic and this should always be taken into account if you try to attempt the item.

The terms above is situational though they may not apply to everyone. The Disgruntled Tech is also not responsible for any illegal, offensive, or other conduct of users.

Termination of Service

The Disgruntled Tech has full authority to revoke or block services from any user for any reason seen fit. The Disgruntled Tech will only block service from those who break the Terms of Use/ Terms of Service. The Disgruntled Tech will not willingly revoke/block services of a user who has not breached the Terms of Service without a valid reason, a warning, and proof of offense(or validating reason).


The Disgruntled Tech staff work for a company and said company may be referenced in a article. All views and opinions of the staff are that of their own thought process. The staff of Disgruntled Tech will never share information from the standpoint of said company. The Disgruntled Tech staff will never speak on behalf of company and doing so will result in termination of services. All staff should reveal their affiliation if they speak about work related matters; this doesn’t include any personal experiences that staff members have encountered.

All information in experience that our staff will post in blog are direct experiences and will not contain any customer information;this includes name, numbers, address, location, or description of said customer. All names in blog post will be changed or represented by a placeholder but will never reveal a name of said customer to prevent from breaching and customer information privacy law.

Disgruntled Tech has not reviewed all of the sites linked to its Internet web site and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Disgruntled Tech of the site. Use of any such linked web site is at the user’s own risk.

Privacy Policy

Before collecting any information for the website, the Disgruntled Tech will identify the purposes for said information being collected. We will never unlawful collect information we do not retain.Disgruntled Tech will retain all information while the user uses the website or related services. The only time information is disposed of is by request of user, termination of services, or prior notice of deletion of information. All information collected by Disgruntled Tech is on a secure database and will be lawfully protected from any security breach. The Disgruntled Tech is at obligation to notify all users of our service that their information may/was breached; Any breaches known of by Disgruntled Tech may not withheld by any reason.

No user information will be handed over to unauthorized users what-so-ever. The only information the Disgruntled Tech is obligated to reveal is by user request or federal request. The Disgruntled Tech is by law required to hand over user information to law officials with proper paperwork.